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"From this first impression, the game scratches the COIN itch better than Cuba Libre (and I assume, all other COIN games). CL is now on the trade pile" [SGOYT]
"This may be my favorite "Ameritrash" game ever" [SGOYT]
"A surprisingly good (and a hell of a lot of fun) game. When properly played, there is a lot of mitigation to deal with the bad stuff. Highly recommended!" [SGOYT]
"Still brilliantly balanced with or without the expansion but there is also so much more GAME in there with it." [SGOYT]
"Robinson Family scenario is an amazing sandbox to play. I can see myself happy to play just this scenario for the forseeable future." [SGOYT]
"I am very intrigued by this game. I look forward to playing it much more and am really happy the risk I took has so far paid off" [SGOYT]
"Epic game, epic session. I don't break this one out often due to my own mental stupidities but this game provides literal fist-pumping moments throughout. This is why the game hasn't left my collecti…" [SGOYT]
"Game still makes me feel like I'm on an adventure and I'm still loving it. I am impressed that FFG managed to rope me in with this game and Elder Sign (with Gates of Arkham). Both games involve way t…" [SGOYT]
"Played the 1st scenario again with proper rules and tactics and won handily! Played scenario 2 and got clobbered. Lots of optimism for this one, see long term play in symmetric firefights" [SGOYT]
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