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"Glass Road is not as immediately accessible as Nusfjord, but it is very satisfying to peel back its layers of complexity." [SGOYT]
"Trek 12 creates an engaging decision space in a light package." [SGOYT]
"War Machine brings some awesome combo-tastic cards to make Leadership more interesting." [SGOYT]
"Lost in space, alone Salvation in a cupboard So long, aliens!" [SGOYT]
"Rove little robot Completing many missions But Scan is not one" [SGOYT]
"While Cartographers is a more polished overall package, Indus is more satisfying for me to play." [SGOYT]
"Even a well-done digital adaptation means you have to look at a screen and I miss the physicality of the real thing." [SGOYT]
"A brilliantly fresh spatial puzzle." [SGOYT]
"Food Chain Island has an extraordinarily simple ruleset which creates a framework for an endlessly replayable puzzle." [SGOYT]
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