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"I'll certainly play this again - combining two good things has created a third good thing: a 'new' game with familiar rules and additional challenge." [SGOYT]
"This expansion is likely to become a permanent addition to the game for me. It adds new content and variety without significant additional complexity" [SGOYT]
"Fantastically frustrating" [SGOYT]
"Enjoyed this play more than the first - I actually felt like I knew what I was working towards this time, and started achieving some of my aims. I don't think this will replace One Deck Dungeon for m…" [SGOYT]
"Only my second game of this. Long play time, bit of a slog and a heavy defeat, but I enjoyed it overall" [SGOYT]
"An adventure game with a rich narrative that is very hard to beat, unless you bring a Friend along to help you." [SGOYT]
"A cute, simple to play monster-theme puzzle" [SGOYT]
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