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"Iron man has gone for a long time. He has been defeated by Rino, and jas send it to a new galaxy. Will come back in the future? Who knows!" [SGOYT]
"Two plays for the monthly challenge from CascadiaScenario 3 CCCCC: 100 points[imageid=7374505 medium inline]Scenario 4 DDDDD: 102 points[imageid=7374581 medium inline]" [SGOYT]
"Scythians 107 vs Utopians (bot) 106Classics + LegendsVictory for just one point, and very fun to play.Utopians are very fun to play because give’s you the oportunity to steal a lot of cards, also on …" [SGOYT]
"Of course I’m playing almost daily to Grove.One play with Receipts 16 - 1764 points (obj: 61)One play with Receipts 16 - 1871 points (obj: 75)Two plays with Receipts 17 - 1872 points (obj: 74)Two pla…" [SGOYT]
"Long time from last play to The Red CathedralI didn’t remember how to play, but It didn’t take to much time to remember 😉Funny play, and final victory on easy side.I’m playing The Red Cathedral beca…" [SGOYT]
"First try to the map 9 from the Promocional pack.Victory (3 points) on the last turn. I don't think I've ever filled the map so much, very funny play." [SGOYT]
"Last two races from the first championship 1961, and two victories" [SGOYT]
"Segond boardgame that I’ve played in solo mode (2020)At that time I played It’s a Wonderful world game and Wingspan almost every night." [SGOYT]
"A minor victory playing this Resist!17 points and lost 3 civilians" [SGOYT]
"First 3 plays to Riftforce in solo mode with the expansion Riftforce Beyond.12(bot) - 312(bot) - 512(bot) - 8Never played before Riftforce, interesting, nice, and not really easy to win, I think that…" [SGOYT]
"I like a lot this mini-great game, their challenges are great, but having Grove, this last one is so much better." [SGOYT]
"Can’t stop playing Grove.This time 2 plays with receipts 2 and 8 (objective 55), with no luck: 52 first play and 48 points" [SGOYT]
"Long time ago grom last play to this game.52 points this time.Don’t played a lot, because I prefer games which you have to achieve objectives or you go against an automa.This edition has to improve y…" [SGOYT]
"Two plays with receipts 1 and 8 (objective 70 points)77 points on the second try." [SGOYT]
"First play from FebruaryBack to PandemicGreat game. Don't like so much to control two characters to play in solo, but still enjoyable." [SGOYT]
"So much fun with this play.Minoics 105 vs Utopians 121 (bot)" [SGOYT]
"Grecks vs Macedonians (94 - 107)i'm happy about the final result, I've played better than other occasions. I've lost but I 've enjoyed the play." [SGOYT]
"Two plays yesterday to Heat." [SGOYT]
"5 plays to Grove4 plays using receipts 2 and 16 (one victory 61 points)1 plays using receipts 2 and 3 (one victory: 68 points)" [SGOYT]
"7 plays to Grove, but no victories" [SGOYT]
"First time playing a Championship, and also first time I apply all modules except legends one (that I use it from the first day)Championship 1961 Great BritainThird positionSpin out on first lap" [SGOYT]
"Last try of this week choosing the same civilizations and a new defeat :DVikings vs Atlanteans (bot)This time I’ve improved a little bit my punctuation to 57 (57 - 89) but the Atlanteans are still ve…" [SGOYT]
"Same civilizations as the last time:[b]Vikings[/b] vs [b]Atlanteans[/b](bot)Side A bothFinal result: [b]Collapsed[/b] almost at the end of the game, when the automa only had one left card on the dina…" [SGOYT]
"Last night I played Imperium Classics (with Legends), and for the first time I played with Vikings vs Atlanteans40 - 84" [SGOYT]
"3 plays to Grove with receipts 4 and 16 (objective 57 pts)Results: 45, 45 and 55" [SGOYT]
"Another attempt to beat the Mauryans by controlling the Scythians, this time we only lost by one point" [SGOYT]
"First play to Heat using the fanmade map Montjuïc (Designed by [user=IcemanAgent]Jordi Roca[/user])" [SGOYT]
"First time I play the Scythians against the MauryansI choose the Sythians and the Bot drive the Mauryans, and of course the bot beat me 54 to 7970th week of the #ImperiumSoloChallenge (from Twitter, …" [SGOYT]
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