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"Overall, the card game version of Peloponnes wonderfully recreates the feel of the boardgame, keeping much of the same core structure of gameplay. There is more randomness with card draws, of course…" [SGOYT]
"It's a fun, light dice roller with a press-your-luck mechanism as you race your rivals to Wayward Falls to sell your herd of cattle." [SGOYT]
"This is another solid micro game from Javier Martin using only a handful of cards and two dice. It mixes logic puzzle, some luck, and player powers with some nice art and a quick play time." [SGOYT]
"A small, simple, fun press-your-luck card game. It's quick & light and has some thematically great artwork." [SGOYT]
"Really great game. It's got a bit of everything: resource management, press your luck, probabilities, economics, a really cool theme, and lots of fun, colorful components. Highly recommended." [SGOYT]
"This is a very enjoyable mix of a dice and train games. It's got light 18xx sensibilities, decent player choices amid the dice rolls, and a fun route building mechanism with a simple to implement AI…" [SGOYT]
"A really fun mix of traditional card game (tableau manipulation) and dungeon creation (route building), with lots of fun dungeon crawly stuff to boot!" [SGOYT]
"This little title has a great melding of theme with game mechanisms. Together it provides a wonderful sense of history in action. However, for me, the game goes a little long for its level of decisio…" [SGOYT]
"A solid deckbuilder that isn't too thinky, but has lots of fun card combos to look for when you're in that mood." [SGOYT]
"Man, this game is addictive! Very fun. Easy to learn, craft, and play." [SGOYT]
"Overall, a really enjoyable dice and route building game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and still has plenty of options and decisions for the player." [SGOYT]
"Not your typical zombie game. It's a logic puzzle that fights back." [SGOYT]
"A very fun, Marvel-themed deckbuilder that has yet to disappoint me." [SGOYT]
"Awesome solo variant for an awesome game! This is going to be threatening my Top 10 later this year. Love it." [SGOYT]
"Not really a solo game but loving it as one so far!" [SGOYT]
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