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"A space-themed dice chucker that felt like I was in a time loop for the majority of the game while playing the first table." [SGOYT]
"Flip & write combo goodness and zero tumbleweeds in this fantastic western game!" [SGOYT]
"For a quick zany fun-filled solo experience, look no further than Deckula!" [SGOYT]
"A fantastic and clever quick brain burner of a game." [SGOYT]
"Fantastic Factories is a game chock-full of delicious combos & synergies hiding around every corner. The graphic design is clean, clear and sharp, with iconography that is easily understood. The AI o…" [SGOYT]
"Cascadia is a puzzly tile layer that provides multiple puzzles to solve with every single tile and token placement. A pleasant and enjoyable solo mode, as well as a collection of solo scenarios with …" [SGOYT]
"With a super quick and easy solo mode, plenty of meaningful (and sometimes agonizing) decisions to make, this game offers a fantastic solo experience in a short amount of time." [SGOYT]
"Fantastic game with a easy to manage solo mode, not to mention stunning art, high quality components and a top notch organizer." [SGOYT]
"A great little brain burning puzzle that takes 10 or so minutes to play with a healthy dose of crunchy decisions. Highly recommended." [SGOYT]
"Another crunchy brain burner from Flatout Games that fantastically challenges your brain while your eyes are soothed by the high quality and welcoming art." [SGOYT]
"An enjoyable quick dice chucker with a fantastically streamlined solo mode that win or lose, never fails to satisfy." [SGOYT]
"An absolutely stellar solo game which offers guaranteed brain-burning alien-butt-kicking fun." [SGOYT]
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