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"There are times when I want to explore off the beaten track to find fun and compact solo games with lovely artworks. Deck 52 Space Wrecked undoubtedly fits the bill." [SGOYT]
"Just one game so it's too early to talk about something sensible and worth mentioning at this point, but I did enjoy playing it, and I will definitely be back for more. All in all, my first impressio…" [SGOYT]
"Death Valley is a beautifully-illustrated push-your-game where you are trying to outsmart the not-so-menacing AI while making your journey in this alluring desert landscape worthwhile." [SGOYT]
"Unsurmountable offers a 15-minute true solitaire gaming experience where you're building/mapping a long and unbroken scenic trail from your base camp all the way to the vintage point of this snowy re…" [SGOYT]
"If you don’t mind spending US$17 for Zombie-themed dice chucking game with fantastic artworks, just go for it, but don’t raise your expectation beyond that point, and you will be totally happy with i…" [SGOYT]
"Build and run your own version of [i]Jurassic Park[/i] with this thinky roll and write/draw game." [SGOYT]
"Another move-through-deck fun game with dark and comical theme which is perfect not only for Halloween but also for a quick mid-day gaming session right after having your lunch." [SGOYT]
"An aesthetically pleasing but yet challenging engine builder game with a thematic backdrop of terraforming the red planet for the ultimate survival of humanity." [SGOYT]
"Don’t overthink about its theme. It’s a perfect game for a gloomy day!" [SGOYT]
"Innovative deck-building game blended with vibrant historical theme of the past glories and a relatively steep learning curve." [SGOYT]
"The mega projects and pair scoring cards from the new Ascension deck breathe new life into the game though they're not entirely the game changer." [SGOYT]
"This roll and write game is totally right up my alley as I’m naturally drawn to nautical adventure theme with open world settings." [SGOYT]
"Welcome To… is a nostalgic flip and write game with the real estate theme back in 1950s. In this game, the solitaire player is given two options (BYOS or Competitive with AI player) which the player …" [SGOYT]
"If you love the thematic backdrop of fishing boats and a lively bay and appreciate a healthy dose of complexity, this roll and write game definitely deserve your attention." [SGOYT]
"If you want to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature and beautiful terrains or Zenscape of the Pacific Northwest, this puzzling tile/token placement game is not to be missed." [SGOYT]
"Under Falling Skies is a compact, puzzling, nostalgic, and innovative dice allocation game with the thematic backdrop of “Independence Day”-style Alien invasion" [SGOYT]
"If you want to take on a perilous solitary journey in a Gothic-themed mysterious and unforgiving world filled with strong-willed humans, humanoid species of mythological origins, ancient superstructu…" [SGOYT]
"The Artemis Project is undoubtedly a hidden gem that comes with innovative dice placement mechanics, vibrant artworks, and sheer component quality. If you love the Sci-Fi themes and dice/worker place…" [SGOYT]
"A fun and thematic dice rolling and allocation game that puts you in charge of managing the crew of a WW2 Allied bomber aircraft flying above the Nazi-occupied territories." [SGOYT]
"Are you looking for a Roll & Write version of AR 'Nemesis'. Well, you've just found one!" [SGOYT]
"A funky post-apocalyptic game that has a serious take on maximizing replayability and variabilities." [SGOYT]
"It's a very compact roll & write game that gives you the feeling of developing your own duchy for the greater good." [SGOYT]
"This game breathes new life into a thematically dry Tetris-style game. Explore the magical land, discover the beautiful terrains, and (if you can) keep trying to live up to the Queen's expectation." [SGOYT]
"This R&W game is thematic, captivating, and engaging. The clever mechanic is deeply ingrained into the theme of this game." [SGOYT]
"If you are a fan of dice allocation mechanics and street foods, you might want to check out this 9-card game. Hey, it's free!" [SGOYT]
"A perilous storytelling adventure RPG set in the Old Wild West for just 1 player only" [SGOYT]
"An exploration and survival game with just one sheet of A4 paper, a pen or two, and a couple of dice." [SGOYT]
"Barbarian Vince: The epic adventures in just one deck of 52 cards." [SGOYT]
"A beautifully-designed 9-Card bounty hunter game in the Old Wild West. How does that sound?" [SGOYT]
"How about joining the hunt for the abominations and unspeakable terrors in a forsaken town where the danger is lurking in every corner of the narrow alleys?" [SGOYT]
"A reminiscence of old-school beat 'em up video games with a great degree of replayability in the core box." [SGOYT]
"This game is old but gold." [SGOYT]
"Yes, you can build a new city in this Egyptian plateau with a pen and polyhedral dice within 30 to 40 minutes." [SGOYT]
"The premise of this game is to emulate the experience of those survivors who are trapped in a war-torn city. It’s a game about desperation, survival, hope, and humanity at its best or at its worst." [SGOYT]
"Pirates of the Caribbean in a small box. How does that sound? There is no fiddly token and stat to maintain in this game. It’s gorgeous, clean, and innovative." [SGOYT]
"GripHold Tower: The core rhythm of the game always hit the right notes with me whenever I play this game; the unique puzzles, which were created by the different combination of the monsters' abiliti…" [SGOYT]
"A beautifully crafted abstract strategy game with just 9 cards, 9 meeples (or cubes), and 9 dices." [SGOYT]
"How about a game that puts you in charge of building a Martian city on Mars with just 9 cards? If this tagline hits the high note with you, you would probably enjoy playing it too." [SGOYT]
"A Rusty Throne is a beautifully crafted solitaire wargame which is driven solely by a single deck of multipurpose cards. The game play is intense, puzzling, and engaging for such a game with a small …" [SGOYT]
"Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance opens the door for more dungeon-crawling/skirmish games entering into my collection. For someone who is new to this type of game, this game could undoubtedl…" [SGOYT]
"The Goblins and The Sleeping Dragon doesn’t disappoint me at all but rather provides a slightly different flavour while keeping the original mechanics intact. So, Rise of The Troll King vs Goblins a…" [SGOYT]
"Solo Scenario #2 (A Better World) is an interesting scenario with noble intentions to make the world a better place. It somehow ignites our scientific curiosity on the sustainability of our planet ea…" [SGOYT]
"Eldritch Horror is the very first adventure board game that I've ever played and still my #1 favourite game of all time." [SGOYT]
"If you are interested in "Mad Max"-style post-apocalyptic story-driven adventure games, this game is not to be missed." [SGOYT]
"The 7th Continent is a hugely ambitious and innovative game where the primary intent of this game is to deliver exploration and survival experience which is on par with those of the video games. It’s…" [SGOYT]
"The immersive experience that could be delivered through a simple set of dices, plain-looking player board, and text-only charts is truly extraordinary." [SGOYT]
"If you found the theme somewhat relatable, perhaps you would enjoy playing this game too. Although there is nothing to write home about the mechanic of the game, it is undeniably fun, oddly charming,…" [SGOYT]
"I have neutral feeling for this game although I deeply appreciate what it could deliver with mere 18 cards. Moving forward, I would still keep the game since it has a very small footprint. I would de…" [SGOYT]
"If you can only spare 15 minutes, love Zombie, and dice chucking, just pick this one and print it out in colour. You won’t regret it!" [SGOYT]
"Wow, it blew my mind away! It never occurred to me that a roll and write dungeon crawling game could that fun." [SGOYT]
"It was truly a fun experience! The sheer degree of replayability, studying the attack patterns of the Kaiju, pushing your luck and placing your workers at lethal zones while keeping an eye on the rep…" [SGOYT]
"Hive is a strangely addictive abstract strategy game. Without the use of a board, the formation of the Hive is always changing and dynamic where each player devises and adjust strategies against the …" [SGOYT]
"Nemo’s War (Second Edition) is an “organically” solitaire game which is based on Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The player takes the role of Captain Nemo of the electric-punk or steampun…" [SGOYT]
"Agent Decker is a solitaire micro deck-building game in which the player takes the role of an inexperienced secret agent/spy who is infiltrating into unknown facilities in order to rescue the prison…" [SGOYT]
"”It’s a Wonderful World”(IIAWW) is a dystopian/utopian civilization building game with progressive and incremental card drafting mechanism at its core. Each card, a typical building block of IIAWW, …" [SGOYT]
"“Adamastor” is a solitaire card-driven nautical exploration game where the player takes the role of the caption of a Portuguese vessel which is in its audacious voyage across the seas to faraway lan…" [SGOYT]
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