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"Highly procedural, immaculately detailed, obscure game topic, initial positive impression of game rules and presentation." [SGOYT]
"Cluster Huts from the scenario book provided a tense, fun, and balanced experience. Quick mission with only 5 locations." [SGOYT]
"Steadily climbing the ranks as one of my favorite games. Extremely easy to setup and play." [SGOYT]
"Favorable impression so far. Game strikes a balance between history and gameplay." [SGOYT]
"Action packed game blending familiar DVG Leader game mechanics with a WWII submarine theme." [SGOYT]
"Combination action, planning, and RPG. Offers great player agency and a thrilling experience." [SGOYT]
"A highly immersive game that puts you forefront in the story. At the cost of a rulebook that should have been written better and proofread a bit more." [SGOYT]
"Fast playing game with great attention to historical detail. More player agency than in B-17." [SGOYT]
"WWII Pacific submarine combat heavy enough with theme to feel authentic to the subject. Also offers player agency typical of the Leader games. Rulebook needs help." [SGOYT]
"Engrossing, thematic, and brutally violent but requires patience to learn due to the rules." [SGOYT]
"Intense, action filled, every decision important, with an array of challenge possible, from easy to very hard missions." [SGOYT]
"Fast playing, brutally difficult campaign driven sci-fi game that offers loads of options, customization, enemies, and campaigns." [SGOYT]
"As B-17 Queen of the Skies is to the air war over WWII Europe, Silent Victory is to the submarine war in the Pacific. A high luck factor is present, though more decisions to make in SV. Patrols resol…" [SGOYT]
"Best rulebook I've ever read for clarity, reference, and comprehension. The card driven nature of the game facilitates two handed solitaire play surprisingly well as it limits decision that may other…" [SGOYT]
"Unique topic, simple rules (fire spread rules may initially confuse, though), short play time, campaign and stand along scenarios, small footprint. Wargame mechanics without war for those who don't l…" [SGOYT]
"Great rules allow for a near perfect balance of luck and tactical decision making. Hope and uncertainty are ever present. Perhaps one of the best implementations of an AI that I have seen. This game …" [SGOYT]
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