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"Love the variable set up, love the actual game play, set up time is a bit long, really hope I can have a respectable score at some point" [SGOYT]
"I like just about everything about this game, I'm just not good at it. Will get it back out soon and see if I can improve." [SGOYT]
"Love it just as much as I remember, brutal game that is somehow fun even while destroying you." [SGOYT]
"More into the theme of this one than base Pandemic and I like the battle dice. Will probably see more play with others than solo but defintely enjoyed it." [SGOYT]
"Love how this looks on the table, really want to get it back out but my first go through was not a pleasant experience." [SGOYT]
"Really like game flow and not shuffling your deck, think there are some fun times to be had here. Hoping the boredom was due to the quick start rules." [SGOYT]
"Loved it, think this one will be coming back to the table soon. Looking forward to learning all the decks." [SGOYT]
"Really like the idea of this game but this was just boring to me. Think a lot of luck and maybe rules goofs were involved." [SGOYT]
"Long story less long, I had an absolute blast. I do feel like by the end of the regular season your team gets too OP though. Think it would take bad luck to not at least make the playoffs." [SGOYT]
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