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"Your average roll and write game. Will probably stay in my collection for a year until the next neat roll and write game comes along." [SGOYT]
"Very solid States of Siege game with little explored theme. Keeper!" [SGOYT]
"Fun, difficult coop. It tells wonderful stories, but takes up a ton of table space." [SGOYT]
"Cool theme, very thinky game. Rules book is half reference text - fascinating reading, but horrible rules design" [SGOYT]
"Fun themed deck builder that is very well done." [SGOYT]
"Slightly better multiplayer than solo, but still a thinky puzzle solo." [SGOYT]
"I still really enjoy this game. Planning helps alleviate the luck of the dice, but I love rolling dice and push your luck can be fun." [SGOYT]
"Table hog may prevent this from getting played as much, but a solid middle of the pack addition to the Oniverse" [SGOYT]
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