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"Fun, quick-to-table game with a cool theme" [SGOYT]
"Easy setup with small footprint that offers a variety of strategies to play." [SGOYT]
"This neat PnP will definitely keep a spot in my PnP binder" [SGOYT]
"Great game and fun to try all of the combinations of ship/boss." [SGOYT]
"Ok solo play, but replayable once it's on the table." [SGOYT]
"Quick and fun card placement puzzle" [SGOYT]
"Always fun, even in a loss!" [SGOYT]
"Easy set-up and lots of variables to keep me coming back for more" [SGOYT]
"It scratches that 'quick game' itch while still providing some strategy." [SGOYT]
"I think this will be more entertaining the more familiar I am with the gameplay. Moderate set-up." [SGOYT]
"Fun pnp game with awesome graphics and straight forward gameplay." [SGOYT]
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