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Solinete SGOYT Entries

User Entries by Month

December 2020
[BGG] Onirim (second edition) (2014) 2020-12-31 Relaxing card game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game (2018) 2020-12-31 Puzzle game with dices!!! [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

November 2020
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-11-07 It is a puuzle of cards wuth luck factor [SGOYT]
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-11-07 High replayability with different combinations [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2020-11-07 Relaxing game to play in short time [SGOYT]
[BGG] Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition) (2016) 2020-11-07 It is truly a tower defense [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

October 2020
[BGG] Rallyman: GT (2020) 2020-11-04 GT4 is the best category for me [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2020-11-04 Looking the right timing to use SISU cards [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2020-11-04 Watch carefully the cards [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-10-29 Picking Commercial Federation can mean longest games... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2020-10-29 There is some luck... [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-10-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Fleet (2012) 2020-10-11 Waiting to play it again [SGOYT]
[BGG] Patchwork (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-10-11 Sometimes it can be tense if one wants get the desired piece. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002) 2020-10-11 Just enjoying about place the tiles. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2020-10-06 Goog game to be played before sleep [SGOYT]
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-10-06 If initial cards for score are bad, pretty hard to success [SGOYT]
[BGG] Mage Knight Board Game (2011) 2020-10-05 It is really a adventure and need check carefully to get more fame points [SGOYT]
[BGG] Baseball Highlights: 2045 (2015) Thumbs Up! 2020-10-05 Interesting play with drafts to adjust [SGOYT]
[BGG] Mondo (2011) 2020-10-05 Relaxing and puzzle game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2020-10-05 Complete Carc Island is possible [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 15

September 2020
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-30 After long time out, I returned [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-30 The Robot is a good challenge and never gets tired [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-30 Just one breath away from victory [SGOYT]
[BGG] Flamme Rouge (2016) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-26 Pay attention to the peloton and no let them to escape [SGOYT]
[BGG] K2 (2010) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-26 Reach the summit with both alpinist is not easy, more in solo mode [SGOYT]
[BGG] Peloponnes Card Game (2015) 2020-09-26 A portable game about ancient civilization. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Castle Panic (2009) 2020-09-26 Never trust the difficult of a game if it involves some luck [SGOYT]
[BGG] Time of Soccer (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-26 It takes some time to play but is very enjoyable [SGOYT]
[BGG] The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game (2016) 2020-09-25 The game surprises me in a good way. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-25 Which is better, play with one or 2 factions o all mixed? [SGOYT]
[BGG] The Lost Expedition (2017) 2020-09-25 Enjoyable game for a short time [SGOYT]
[BGG] Hostage Negotiator (2015) Thumbs Up! 2020-09-23 What a heck of bad luck with the terror cards [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2020-09-22 A game that can be played in very short time and enjoy it [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-09-22 Measure with caution every turn or will fail apart [SGOYT]
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-09-12 Perfect game for short time and be careful with PA [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carson City: The Card Game (2018) 2020-09-12 It plays different than the original Carson City. To change, it is fine [SGOYT]
[BGG] Onirim (second edition) (2014) 2020-09-12 Seems straight forward the game, it is good if someone want a calm time [SGOYT]
[BGG] Villagers (2019) 2020-09-05 Looking forward to play it more [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 18

August 2020
[BGG] Mage Knight Board Game (2011) 2020-09-05 Looking to play more [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

June 2020
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2020-06-27 An fast and peaceful game [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-06-26 Prepare as soon as possible the cards [SGOYT]
[BGG] Reiner Knizia's Decathlon (2003) Thumbs Up! 2020-06-18 Fun sport game to play in a short time [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-06-07 Cult Machine is a hard faction to play solo [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

May 2020
[BGG] The Lost Expedition (2017) 2020-05-31 Even is strong the luck factor in the game, it is interesting [SGOYT]
[BGG] Hostage Negotiator (2015) Thumbs Up! 2020-05-19 Tough decissions abouts cards and bad roll dices [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2020-05-18 Playing against the robot is always good [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-05-18 It was a calm play [SGOYT]
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-05-18 Be calm and focus at least in 2 easy cards if possible [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-05-18 Getting used with Adam [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2020-05-18 A great victory [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

April 2020
[BGG] Rallyman: GT (2020) 2020-05-18 For laps, better the GT version and for specials better the original [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2020-05-18 For this game, I prefer open races instead doing laps [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2020-04-26 Disaster!!! [SGOYT]
[BGG] Imperial Settlers (2014) 2020-04-10 It seems interesting the mode and waiting to try the campaign [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

March 2020
[BGG] Rallyman: GT (2020) 2020-03-31 Getting experience for the future [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-31 I enjoy the short races [SGOYT]
[BGG] K2 (2010) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-31 K2 can be simple but never trust the weather tiles [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-31 Is good the faction of Machine Cult? I need try again [SGOYT]
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-03-31 Sometimes the card objectives are fine and other times would be impossible, just enjoy the game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Hostage Negotiator (2015) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-28 I can see the decissions even the luck can be strong [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-03-21 Never trust the rulebooks, is important the practice and relearn the games [SGOYT]
[BGG] The Lost Expedition (2017) 2020-03-21 Enjoying a game is important [SGOYT]
[BGG] Patchwork (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-21 Grabbing the grasp of automa functioning is easy, just pay attention to steps [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2020-03-21 Very enjoyable game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-21 Focusing on destroy card can be too much? [SGOYT]
[BGG] Roll Player (2016) 2020-03-21 It seems interesting to play solo [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 12

February 2020
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-03-03 Some combinations of the cards can make it harder [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman: GT (2020) 2020-03-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2020-03-03 Without SISU, watch closely the chances [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2020-03-03 Watch the differences of gameplay between multiplayer and solo [SGOYT]
[BGG] The Lost Expedition (2017) 2020-02-18 We aware about the luck in the game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-18 Is near impossible to get tired of this game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Last Bastion (2019) 2020-02-18 Interesting tower defense game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Flamme Rouge (2016) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-18 Don't let the people escape from the beginning [SGOYT]
[BGG] Tavarua (2016) 2020-02-09 The timing to catch the waves and read are important [SGOYT]
[BGG] Hostage Negotiator (2015) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-09 There are some decisions and a lot of dices [SGOYT]
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-02-09 Don't try to focus on all score cards at same time [SGOYT]
[BGG] K2 (2010) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-04 A very good game about racing and survival [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2020-02-04 Interesting game to play without pressure, just focus to complete the map [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-04 Which is better, only 1 faction or mix? [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-02-04 Understanding the game with Adam character [SGOYT]
[BGG] Patchwork (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-04 First time the Automa grabbed the bonus... [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 16

January 2020
[BGG] Sprawlopolis (2018) 2020-02-04 Short game for short time [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-04 Watch carefully the market [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-04 The return of a classic competition [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2020-02-04 Watch the number of cards in hand [SGOYT]
[BGG] Patchwork (2014) Thumbs Up! 2020-02-04 Relaxing game [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

December 2019
[BGG] Tavarua (2016) 2019-12-17 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

November 2019
[BGG] Roll Player (2016) 2019-11-02 A surprise game for me [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

July 2019
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2019-07-31 Iron Man circuit are fine but sometimes better shorter [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2019-07-13 Relaxing game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Hostage Negotiator (2015) Thumbs Up! 2019-07-09 A bad beginning can be lethal [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

June 2019
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2019-07-05 Really is hard to get near of the better runners [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2019-07-05 Finally a fight against the pirates [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

April 2019
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2019-04-29 I never feel pressure, so very relaxing and enjoyable game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Patchwork (2014) Thumbs Up! 2019-04-29 Close game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Hostage Negotiator (2015) Thumbs Up! 2019-04-29 Entertaining game [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2019-04-29 To avoid more zombis, finish as soon as possible the mission [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2019-04-24 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2019-04-24 It seems that the races for ISGOYTRA Cup have the right balance in length and duration [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2019-04-24 This game is always interesting [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002) 2019-04-24 Relaxing game, sometimes hard to get additional bonus points (from fish and hunters) [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2019-04-24 Changed the strategy to get more fight points [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

February 2019
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2019-02-23 Improving my scores bit a bit [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

January 2019
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2019-01-31 First race in 2019 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Herbaceous (2017) 2019-01-31 Learning the game [SGOYT]
[BGG] After The Virus (2017) 2019-01-31 Learning the game [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

November 2018
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-12-01 Happy to play again [SGOYT]
[BGG] Castle Panic (2009) 2018-12-01 Luck factor [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

September 2018
[BGG] Viticulture Essential Edition (2015) Thumbs Up! 2018-09-08 I had a lot of AP [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

August 2018
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-09-03 Doing one race more... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2018-09-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2018-08-13 Getting used to lose without reach the pirates [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

July 2018
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2018-08-06 Finally reached pirate level [SGOYT]
[BGG] Star Realms (2014) Thumbs Up! 2018-07-22 First attempt to solo play [SGOYT]
[BGG] K2 (2010) Thumbs Up! 2018-07-22 Relaxing game, at least for me [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2018-07-22 I never get tired with Carcassonne [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

June 2018
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-06-30 Alternate between phase roll and time attack is a good idea? [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

April 2018
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-04-30 I got scared during the race... [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

March 2018
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-04-05 Don't forget the SISU card [SGOYT]
[BGG] Zombicide (2012) 2018-03-23 Getting used with the flow of the game [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

February 2018
[BGG] The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (2011) Thumbs Up! 2018-03-11 Always is a pleasure to play the game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game (2010) Thumbs Up! 2018-03-11 A though game, waiting my chance to get a victory [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-02-28 A fast course that no allows mistakes [SGOYT]
[BGG] Time of Soccer (2014) Thumbs Up! 2018-02-02 Second game with Palmeras, I hope better luck next time [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

January 2018
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2018-01-31 First race of the year [SGOYT]
[BGG] Arboretum (2015) 2018-01-27 Getting used to Ricky Royal variant [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2018-01-27 First solo game (Carcassonne) of the year [SGOYT]
[BGG] Agricola (2007) Thumbs Up! 2018-01-27 Happy with the new record but pondering if I played correctly [SGOYT]
[BGG] Time of Soccer (2014) Thumbs Up! 2018-01-15 Waiting to play the next game of the serie with Palmeras [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2018-01-15 Need improve the cards on my hand and better choices... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002) 2018-01-02 Will be possible to complete the 7x7 grid? [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

December 2017
[BGG] Star Wars: Imperial Assault (2014) Thumbs Up! 2017-12-31 Learning how to play with the app [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

November 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-12-03 Looking for 2018 contest [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-11-15 Keeping the tactic with exchange cards [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

October 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-10-31 Waiting to finish the season... [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

September 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-10-03 Very long race on snow [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002) 2017-09-15 My best score of this year, for now... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-09-08 Getting used with exchange cards [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

August 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-08-31 100% snow, interesting [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

July 2017
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-07-31 Getting used with exchange cards [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-07-31 Second time with 4 specials in the Cup [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

June 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-07-06 When will finish my bad luck/rolls [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

May 2017
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2017-05-31 To forget the monthly game because worst score until now [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-05-31 First time crashing the car in a rally [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

April 2017
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2017-05-01 The luck can be against the robot instead of human player. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-05-01 First time with 4 specials in the Cup [SGOYT]
[BGG] Baseball Highlights: 2045 – Deluxe Edition (2015) Thumbs Up! 2017-05-01 Another sport game that I like to play alone [SGOYT]
[BGG] Flamme Rouge (2016) Thumbs Up! 2017-05-01 First victory on Avenue Corso Paseo [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2017-05-01 At least, same as March [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-05-01 From now, I will respect more the aging cards... [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 6

March 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-03-31 First time using snow tracks [SGOYT]
[BGG] Arboretum (2015) 2017-03-25 Pretty interesting solo variant, I will do more attempts to improve my initial score [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002) 2017-03-24 Bad score until now... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Flamme Rouge (2016) Thumbs Up! 2017-03-24 Getting more tactical races [SGOYT]
[BGG] Automobiles (2016) 2017-03-24 If only Hybrid Engine, it makes easy race? [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2017-03-10 For now is the lowest of the year [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2017-03-06 First defeat in the second game of the serie... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Time of Soccer (2014) Thumbs Up! 2017-03-06 Waiting to play the next game of the serie with Lagartos [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-03-02 Red level now, when I will face the pirates? [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

February 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-03-01 Second race in ISGOYRTA Cup [SGOYT]
[BGG] Flamme Rouge (2016) Thumbs Up! 2017-02-17 Just the cycling game I was looking [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002) 2017-02-10 With this game, one can get more points than the normal Carcassonne [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2017-02-09 Getting the average score to fight it every month [SGOYT]
[BGG] At the Gates of Loyang (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-02-06 Big surprise to see how plays it solo [SGOYT]
[BGG] K2 (2010) Thumbs Up! 2017-02-04 Is viable discard as soon as possible the tokens with value 2? [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-02-03 Big step back after my play... [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

January 2017
[BGG] Rallyman (2009) Thumbs Up! 2017-02-01 I am glad to join in ISGOYRTA Cup to have more chances to play [SGOYT]
[BGG] Race for the Galaxy (2007) Thumbs Up! 2017-01-27 First time that I won againt the Robot... [SGOYT]
[BGG] Automobiles (2016) 2017-01-27 Interesting variant and I need check it more, also is possible to increase the difficult, for now I am fine with the actual difficult [SGOYT]
[BGG] Friday (2011) Thumbs Up! 2017-01-23 When I will have my second victory? [SGOYT]
[BGG] Carcassonne Big Box 4 (2012) 2017-01-13 2 solo games using Carc Island and Solomo variant [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

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