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"Build a beautiful part of burano that satisfies the needs of habitants and tourists. Via card drafting/buying. The solo focuses on being 'effective', with your limited actions." [SGOYT]
"Nice write and play game. Quick to set up and just as quick to play. With just the right amount of luck involved." [SGOYT]
"Nice little thinker. Build a town for your clothed critters (it makes sense in context)" [SGOYT]
"Build the world with this fast little DoaM game with quite the choices. Resourcemanagement included, barely enough units or tiles." [SGOYT]
"Still a nice game, where the magic lies in the leveling system." [SGOYT]
"It's a game. You might like it, or not. Better with higher player counts. A dungeon crawler, without dungeon, a DOAM without Dudes and/or Maps." [SGOYT]
"Nice, kind of relaxing, activity. Not sure if really a game." [SGOYT]
"Still a nice tactical Choose your won adventure. Still georgeous art. Still the balancing is all over the place" [SGOYT]
"A colorfull quick card laying puzzle-game. Easy to learn with a lot of replayability. But also requires work / doing your homework to get good scores." [SGOYT]
"Saving immobile polyomino-cats, by fitting them in a ship full of rats. However, the cats are cute. Card drafting included, glossary missing." [SGOYT]
"Fun game, that is quick to set up. The different scoring cards and card draw provide room for various strategies." [SGOYT]
"A colorfull quick card laying puzzle-game. That is easy to learn and offers a lot of replayability." [SGOYT]
"Tight Make-as-you-play-game that provides a great challenge. No fiddly bookkeeping mechanics to distract from the match. This one offers a unique experience, literally." [SGOYT]
"A tacitcal Chosse Your Own Adventure with beautiful art and well integrated mechanics." [SGOYT]
"Fast and fun little puzzler. It might overstay its welcome if played too often in a row" [SGOYT]
"Even if it's unforgiving, it's still fun to play. But I fear, that its age is showing. Other games provide an smoother experience." [SGOYT]
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