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"My initial solo opinions after half a dozen or so scenarios" [SGOYT]
"It's a blast to play solo - even Tom Vassel says so!" [SGOYT]
"Very pleased I kickstarted this for some cheap solo/multiplayer/portable worker placement fun." [SGOYT]
"Dirt really ups the fun in Rallyman with river crossings and double down shifting." [SGOYT]
"A fun track for the SGoYT monthly cup races. Still a great game with a bit more depth than you first think." [SGOYT]
"A fully co-op heavy themed four player game with an interesting mix of mechanisms" [SGOYT]
"A fun and highly thematic game about running a 1920s speakeasy with a 10 year campaign that I'm looking forward to digging into" [SGOYT]
"A fun solo expansion for the fun multi-player game." [SGOYT]
"Solo variant work in progress" [SGOYT]
"Really enjoy this solo, and can be played quickly, except I tend to luxuriate in gazing at the board and working through the many options to defeat." [SGOYT]
"Thematic game, tough decisions all the time but ultimately winnable - not me on this occasion though. Plays a bit long sometimes and needs a fair bit of space." [SGOYT]
"Another great true 1 player - quick to set up, easy to follow, great decisions to be made. Hope to see it riding high in the [geeklist=217988][/geeklist]" [SGOYT]
"A few plays in and it's a quick, light and diverting One-player-only game. It's no Friday but despite not liking coffee I like this." [SGOYT]
"Theme keeps this one in my collection and being played. The flexible system and interesting expansions make this Marvel fun and interesting." [SGOYT]
"I've only played one year solo so far, and whilst it feels light at the moment (that might change as things progress) it's still been a lot of fun." [SGOYT]
"I'm looking forward to more plays as I am loving the card decisions and dice decisions offered up in this easy to learn, quick to play game and the solo game is not as easy as I first thought." [SGOYT]
"Early days yet but the feels are good - euro war game, dudes on a map, with card buying tableau building and dice manipulation that sets up and plays quickly? You had me at hello." [SGOYT]
"Great game, easy to learn, simple ruleset with good variety and cool decisions to make. Small footprint too." [SGOYT]
"Big fan of this game (much prefer it to Pandemic - the family friendliness helps though" [SGOYT]
"A tactile, tactical, Titan dice chucking pleasure." [SGOYT]
"The solo variant for this two player card laying game is a pleasantly diverting puzzle" [SGOYT]
"A true one player game and well deserved of it's high ranking in the [url=]Top 100 Solo Games listings[/url]" [SGOYT]
"First play and a playtest of WIP official solo rules. Looking forward to playing again soon." [SGOYT]
"A neat little multi player game with an official solo variant that has economic, hand & resource management and even a spatial puzzle element." [SGOYT]
"For me this game is all about the theme, the theme, the theme, no treble..." [SGOYT]
"A quick and fun euro game of life, the universe and everything. Solo mode is tough though and I lost again, just 6 points shy of the target." [SGOYT]
"Big fan of this interestingly themed euro worker placement/resource management game but I must, need and have to get the Epic game going. That just seems to be the real game." [SGOYT]
"Got it working after all these years. It's a race multi-player and a stroll solo so need to work on a simple solo variant (or see if there is one already on BGG!)." [SGOYT]
"The solo beat your own score aspect of this is not all that off putting. A lovely gaming meander through open fields - a farming delight." [SGOYT]
"A relatively quick playing euro with a simple and smooth flow to the gameplay that relaxes me (despite the adverse weather conditions) and can still tell a story if you look hard." [SGOYT]
"Big fan of the Hoplo series and the Origins set is a great entry price with a fab almost filler play time. Still wrecks my head though." [SGOYT]
"An early first love in my solo gaming life. Good looking, fun to be with, clever and comfortable whilst still being tense. All in a TIN BOX!" [SGOYT]
"One of my favourite small box games with the family now has a fun fan made solo variant - what's not to like?" [SGOYT]
"It didn't work so I played Fields of Arle instead." [SGOYT]
"Only played one scenario but I felt like a super-hero, albeit one in slow-motion, but card play and board positioning make this a super fun super hero puzzle." [SGOYT]
"I enjoyed the game using the browser AI from the games' files section. It's a good challenge and great to be able to play a non-solo game you own alone." [SGOYT]
"Tense, nervey struggles between short term and long term game in every round of this little boxed hand management game with plenty of variety in the various abductor packs - love it." [SGOYT]
"A disaster mitigation game with a fun spaceship theme where the variable player powers give the feeling of running a crew. Quick playing but tough." [SGOYT]
"A great thematic solitaire game from VPG - great components, variability, puzzly gameplay. I definitely feel like a scientist when I play this." [SGOYT]
"Really enjoying this game - easy to learn, quick to play, nice stories and decisions. I have yet to include the mini expansions Pets, Events, Trends, Stand Alone Jobs." [SGOYT]
"What a jolly game - jolly thematic, jolly easy to pick up, jolly fun and jolly open." [SGOYT]
"Always fun. My months' entry into the SGOYT Rally Cup." [SGOYT]
"A fun relatively light game that tells a nice story of a life lived." [SGOYT]
"A quick fun card puzzle that I primarily bought for two players but will certainly get out again for the high score challenge." [SGOYT]
"First learning playthrough of this new KS. Too early for definitive conclusions but feeling positive. Rulebook could have been a little more comprehensive." [SGOYT]
"Still messing about with the Demo Box version of the game. Still really enjoying it.Fitting in quick runs now and again seems to suit this game really well." [SGOYT]
"Big fan of the Hoplomachus series - robust AI, quick playing, fantastic components" [SGOYT]
"I do enjoy this game. Maths, testing things to destruction, taking chances to save time, lovely art, good iconography, and a great feeling of theme" [SGOYT]
"A simple game with some tough decisions but an epic scale of the never ending zombie crush that always gives you stories." [SGOYT]
"Starter League play - still for me the best deck builder thanks to the theme theme theme but also the clever way different schemes change up the gameplay and even the board." [SGOYT]
"It's a shame this great game doesn't have better distribution, especially if you have any interest in the theme. A triumph of design and theme. Also has a good number of variants included. Did I m…" [SGOYT]
"The smoothness and elegance of this game helps me see past the beat your own high score goal in solo." [SGOYT]
"A well crafted game with nice card management and some random dice action. Tough, but fair. It won't stay packed away for so long next time." [SGOYT]
"Great mechanics, nice artwork, cool card play, with dice chucking. What's not to like?" [SGOYT]
"Wonderful wooden components, attractive artwork on cards, a smooth sandbox feel." [SGOYT]
"[/size]A great co-op real time game that doesn't lose too much in the solo variant[size=1]" [SGOYT]
"[/size]Quick set up, tough decisions, quick to play. Every turn feels like a struggle, in a good way.[size=1]" [SGOYT]
"Using the solo variant from the Isle of Trains BGG page - fun, easy to manage and quick to play" [SGOYT]
"Great solo game with nice components and variable gameplay. Hard to get at a good price in Europe." [SGOYT]
"A terrific game to solo with loads of variability and cube pushing goodness - just make sure you use the solo rules reference from the file pages." [SGOYT]
"For the April challenge. A great deck building word game. I know words. I have the best words." [SGOYT]
"The April Neanderthal Challenge" [SGOYT]
"[/size]It's been a while and I am a little rusty but after selecting 3 units and then randomly drawing three more (as per the trial rules) I then started to take on Gadir.[size=3]" [SGOYT]
"Small box, fun game with a dummy player that is dumb but tough - many prefer the 20 move solo challenge." [SGOYT]
"I have since found Dave in Ledbury's excellent [filepage=86101][/filepage] which is probably something I should have looked for first..." [SGOYT]
"Had a great time trying out the solo variant [thread=1380630][/thread] for this fun little game. The variant does a good little job replicating an opponent and it's easy to manage." [SGOYT]
"[/size]Played a two handed solo game of this newly delivered kickstarter to learn the rules.[size=1]" [SGOYT]
"For the March Neanderthal Challenge" [SGOYT]
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