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Nusfjord (2017)

Subdomain: Strategy Games
Player Count: 1 - 5 | Playing Time: 100 minutes

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Game Entries by Month

January 2021
[BGG] djott70 2021-01-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MadMihi 2021-01-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] djott70 2021-01-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abendoso 2021-01-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Nickxvan1 2021-01-16 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Nickxvan1 2021-01-16 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Nickxvan1 2021-01-16 Nusfjord solo is a very satisfying experience, particularly playing several games back to back in a campaign. The theme is simplistic and perfect for a tight little puzzle which always teases the br… [SGOYT]
[BGG] renkrof6 2021-01-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] bugsnnuts 2021-01-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] bugsnnuts 2021-01-09 Loved it, think this one will be coming back to the table soon. Looking forward to learning all the decks. [SGOYT]
[BGG] djott70 2021-01-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Swizze 2020-12-31 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 12

December 2020
[BGG] djott70 2020-12-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] djott70 2020-12-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2020-12-23 A much-awaited return to the fjords [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rixte 2020-12-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] overhaul 2020-12-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2020-12-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2020-12-02 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

November 2020
[BGG] provence 2020-11-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ddoyen 2020-11-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] fdubois 2020-11-08 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Swizze 2020-11-07 Nusfjord was my number #4 game this year and with good reason [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2020-11-05 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2020-11-03 Nusfjord is an ideal solo game, on the lighter side of mid-weight, that delivers an enjoyable and always variable experience over the course of 20-30 minutes. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 6

October 2020
[BGG] custom golf clubs 2020-10-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] custom golf clubs 2020-10-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] custom golf clubs 2020-10-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-10-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] fdubois 2020-10-18 Shorter than Glass Road but perhaps even better. [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2020-10-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Elida 2020-10-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2020-10-07 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 8

September 2020
[BGG] kevinruns262 2020-09-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-09-13 [SGOYT]
[BGG] talzaroff 2020-09-11 [SGOYT]
[BGG] talzaroff 2020-09-11 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2020-09-07 [SGOYT]
[BGG] itazzy 2020-09-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] talzaroff 2020-09-03 I may be falling in love [SGOYT]
[BGG] talzaroff 2020-09-02 [SGOYT]
[BGG] talzaroff 2020-09-02 [SGOYT]
[BGG] itazzy 2020-09-01 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 10

August 2020
[BGG] talzaroff 2020-08-31 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Swizze 2020-08-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2020-08-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MeepleRiot 2020-08-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-08-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MeepleRiot 2020-08-05 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Annanicolesmith 2020-08-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

July 2020
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-07-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-07-13 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-07-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Annanicolesmith 2020-07-06 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

June 2020
[BGG] MeepleRiot 2020-07-01 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-07-01 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-06-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-06-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-06-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ParisPink 2020-06-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Annanicolesmith 2020-06-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2020-06-12 A haiku, some praise and a strange detour through my childhood frustrations [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-06-11 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Annanicolesmith 2020-06-08 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-06-08 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abendoso 2020-06-08 [SGOYT]
[BGG] raindrop77 2020-06-07 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Annanicolesmith 2020-06-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abendoso 2020-06-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Annanicolesmith 2020-06-01 [SGOYT]
[BGG] wcordewiner 2020-06-01 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 17

May 2020
[BGG] DrHenryArmitage 2020-05-31 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Swizze 2020-05-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-05-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-05-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-05-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Elida 2020-05-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-05-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-05-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-05-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MeepleRiot 2020-05-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Elida 2020-05-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-05-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-05-12 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jh_ytth 2020-05-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rixte 2020-05-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 15

April 2020
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-04-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jh_ytth 2020-04-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-04-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Swizze 2020-04-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Swizze 2020-04-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-04-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] crazybear 2020-04-11 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abrocker 2020-04-11 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MeepleRiot 2020-04-11 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2020-04-04 April challenge with Plaice [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-04-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 11

March 2020
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2020-03-29 Elders from afar challenge revisited [SGOYT]
[BGG] nurglepus 2020-03-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] bills933 2020-03-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2020-03-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rixte 2020-03-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rixte 2020-03-02 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 6

February 2020
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2020-02-27 41 point Immediately: play of this all-time favourite [SGOYT]
[BGG] bills933 2020-02-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2020-02-25 Rekindled love affair [SGOYT]
[BGG] bills933 2020-02-24 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-02-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-02-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-02-16 [SGOYT]
[BGG] raindrop77 2020-02-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MagusDuNord 2020-02-01 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

January 2020
[BGG] Rindel 2020-01-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-01-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-01-14 [SGOYT]
[BGG] HawkAnt 2020-01-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] HawkAnt 2020-01-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Rindel 2020-01-05 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2020-01-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2020-01-02 A set of unusual buildings and elders led the way in protecting the forests, yet made for quite a challenging experience for the fishing operation nestled in Nusfjord. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2020-01-02 The arrival of the unexpected elders from Solo Challenge #1 led to interesting opportunities for a burgeoning fishing company in Nusfjord. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

December 2019
[BGG] Albia 2020-01-01 With the help of the elders and sizable fleet of ships, a little fishing operation turned into a successful campaign in Nusfjord. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2019-12-31 A simple but interesting foray into the campaign mode proved to be just shy of an overall victory in Nusfjord. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2019-12-29 With a bit of luck with the fish and buildings, a small outfit grew into a maritime empire nestled in the woods of Nusfjord. [SGOYT]
[BGG] custom golf clubs 2019-12-24 [SGOYT]
[BGG] custom golf clubs 2019-12-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] custom golf clubs 2019-12-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-12-16 Another perfect night of fishing in Nusfjord [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2019-12-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2019-12-11 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

November 2019
[BGG] ojtBGG 2019-11-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2019-11-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2019-11-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Doug1020 2019-11-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] splindeman 2019-11-13 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-11-12 Nusfjord makes me like fishing. Not real fishing with actual squirmy worms and the like, cardboard fishing where you can buy and sell shares and feed the town Elders... [SGOYT]
[BGG] ojtBGG 2019-11-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2019-11-07 [SGOYT]
[BGG] FlyingMuttley 2019-11-07 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

October 2019
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2019-10-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-10-26 I was never a fan of fishing as a kid but if it was more like this then I'd be quite the fisherman by now. [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2019-10-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] BrokenAxe 2019-10-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Venom Snake 2019-10-08 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-10-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-10-04 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-10-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-10-02 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-10-01 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 10

September 2019
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-09-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-09-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] dereklee9819 2019-09-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] dereklee9819 2019-09-18 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

August 2019
[BGG] valzi 2019-08-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] valzi 2019-08-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] valzi 2019-08-15 Fast, layered, attractive, and the campaign mode is great. Reminds me of a heavier All Creatures Big and Small. [SGOYT]
[BGG] mjrobertson 2019-08-08 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

July 2019
[BGG] MagusDuNord 2019-07-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Venom Snake 2019-07-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] darkwing75 2019-07-06 A worker placement game, where you build up a fishing fleet of ships, construct new buildings in town, and pick town elders for special actions. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-06-30 Adore The way the 3-Game campaign forces you to play outside of your comfort zone. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

June 2019
[BGG] darkwing75 2019-06-27 Another great Rosenburg game, that is quick to play with not too much analysis paralysis. [SGOYT]
[BGG] permagoof 2019-06-16 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-06-13 [SGOYT]
[BGG] benjamininja 2019-06-04 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-06-04 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

May 2019
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-05-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Dubious Bryn 2019-05-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Moe45673 2019-05-04 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

March 2019
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-03-30 My fave Midweek game because the buildings feel unique and POWERFUL! [SGOYT]
[BGG] MadMihi 2019-03-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Marctimmins89 2019-03-17 An Uwe solo I will be revisiting for years [SGOYT]
[BGG] Venom Snake 2019-03-14 [SGOYT]
[BGG] don_caballero 2019-03-12 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MadMihi 2019-03-07 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2019-03-02 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

February 2019
[BGG] Doug1020 2019-02-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

November 2018
[BGG] Dubious Bryn 2018-11-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Turnpike 2018-11-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] WingTale 2018-11-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Fried Egg 2018-11-02 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

October 2018
[BGG] eastwoodk 2018-10-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] permagoof 2018-10-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] CRB31 2018-10-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Haywood 2018-10-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Haywood 2018-10-22 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

September 2018
[BGG] CRB31 2018-09-30 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

August 2018
[BGG] jwml 2018-08-04 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-08-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-08-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

July 2018
[BGG] Haywood 2018-07-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-07-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Fried Egg 2018-07-24 [SGOYT]
[BGG] sdetsky 2018-07-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Cfh123 2018-07-04 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

June 2018
[BGG] Haywood 2018-06-24 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Fried Egg 2018-06-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Cfh123 2018-06-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] WingTale 2018-06-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] LizzieReads 2018-06-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ScoobySnacker 2018-06-08 [SGOYT]
[BGG] benjamininja 2018-06-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] permagoof 2018-06-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] benjamininja 2018-06-03 Another winner by Uwe, a nice, quick, simple(r) worker placement game. [SGOYT]
[BGG] eastwoodk 2018-06-02 [SGOYT]
[BGG] USP45 2018-06-01 Loving the short setup and play time while still retaining the Uwe feel! Some days just aren't a CaverFeastofArle day! [SGOYT]
[BGG] khinners 2018-06-01 Nusfjord is my new favorite Uwe Rosenberg game. Easy to learn and quick to play, I plan to get it to the table quite a bit this year! [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 12

May 2018
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-05-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] sdetsky 2018-05-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] bwguinig 2018-05-21 another fun game, personal best. new strategy. more to try [SGOYT]
[BGG] fractaloon 2018-05-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] bwguinig 2018-05-15 exploring different strategies but scores remarkably similar [SGOYT]
[BGG] Themackern 2018-05-14 [SGOYT]
[BGG] bwguinig 2018-05-12 for a Rosenburg noob, there is much to like, chief amongst is great choices, compact (relatively speaking) game [SGOYT]
[BGG] Dubious Bryn 2018-05-11 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 8

March 2018
[BGG] ZombieBoard 2018-03-16 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

February 2018
[BGG] jellyfish1 2018-02-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MadMihi 2018-02-21 Nusfjord is my favorite quick Rosenberg at the moment. [SGOYT]
[BGG] jellyfish1 2018-02-21 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

January 2018
[BGG] MadMihi 2018-01-30 [SGOYT]
[BGG] MadMihi 2018-01-07 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

December 2017
[BGG] MadMihi 2018-01-04 [SGOYT]
[BGG] neotrunks2002 2017-12-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] neotrunks2002 2017-12-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] repairmanjack 2017-12-10 [SGOYT]
[BGG] ParisPink 2017-12-04 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

November 2017
[BGG] repairmanjack 2017-11-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] boshar 2017-11-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] boshar 2017-11-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] repairmanjack 2017-11-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] boshar 2017-11-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abendoso 2017-11-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] repairmanjack 2017-11-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abendoso 2017-11-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] abendoso 2017-11-06 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 9

Nusfjord (2017) SGOYT Stats

# of Lists: 35
Unique Entries: 158
Actual Entries: 235
<summary> Entries: 33
# of Users: 70

Average Rating as a Solo Game: 4.38
Number of Ratings: 9 ( details )

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